‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’ at Pan de Manila

December 7, 2008

Christmas is a time when families get together - to enjoy each other's company, to reminisce about the year, and to catch up with the lives of one another. In Filipino, this is called "pagsasalo" and usually, it is accompanied with food, songs and merriment. 

Pan de Manila joins the Filipino family in celebrating the holiday season by adding a touch of ‘White Christmas’ by unveiling white pandesal paper bags, white Christmas boxes, and White 'Chocolate Blanco'. Now, the freshly-baked pandesal can also be given as a gift in this season of giving. 

With the theme revolving around “Pagsaluhan”, the special white paperbag of Pan de Manila reminds everyone of a Filipino tradition of eating together, and sharing ones blessings to others with a timely message: “Pan de Sal at Palaman Ating Pagsaluhan Ngayong Pasko at Bagong Taon.”  

Though Filipinos have always been "dreaming of a White Christmas" - even though we only have 2 seasons, no amount of snow can match the experience of being with the family on Christmas while attending the Simbang Gabi, enjoying tsokolate and pandesal, and giving gifts to the inaanak. 

“This is the first time that Pan de Manila is coming up with a ‘white’ theme. With this, we want to convey a message of hope, purity, and importance of family,” said Mari Sebastian, marketing manager of Pan de Manila.   

Robert Alejandro, noted artist and passionate promoter of Filipino culture, drew the Filipino Christmas scene for the special paperbag which depicted the traditional Simbang Gabi and the festivities surrounding it. 

“Pan de Manila joins Robert in promoting our Filipino values and traditions. The Simbang Gabi is an integral part of our Christmas tradition since this reminds us about the true meaning of the season,” added Mari. “Since giving is also part of our tradition, Pan de Manila invites you to give the gift of a ‘White Christmas’ which will surely impress your loved ones and friends.”   

The ‘White Christmas’ theme of Pan de Manila is featured in the white paperbags, and the white Christmas boxes (set of spreads which includes peanut butter, coco jam, mango jam, guava jam, & Spanish sardines in different variants). There’s also the Chocolate Blanco (White Chocolate Spanish-Style drink) which is best paired with the Choco Marble Loaf (swirls of chocolate filling inside the loaf).   

Pan de Manila’s breads are freshly-baked every hour inside old-style brick ovens or pugon. After the Simbang Gabi, visit your neighborhood Pan de Manila which is open 24/7 in convenient locations outside shopping malls.  Their newest branches are located in Homeworks Las Pinas, CB Mall Urdaneta, Pangasinan, South Supermarket Malolos, Ever Supermarket Meycawayan, Bulacan.  For special or bulk orders, please call 636-0468 or 0923-455-0445, or   e-mail: pandemanila_jlg@yahoo.com.