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Annie’s Kitchen: Passion project of Annie P. Guerrero for the environment

November 13, 2019

“In a world where environmental challenges seem so overwhelming, the easiest way for us to have a large impact is to reduce our individual waste, recycle, and compost.”  These are the words of Susana ‘Annie’ Pascual-Guerrero, an environment champion who for years has advocated a greener approach especially in the culinary scene. 

Ma’m Annie is founder of the country’s top culinary school, the Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA Manila) and this is where she has espoused her advocacy through the incorporation of a green chefmanship course into the school’s curriculum.

Through the years, she has built on her green advocacy to further spread awareness on the importance of a greener lifestyle.  Thus, she has opened Annie’s Kitchen where products are created using sustainable old-fashioned methods at its earth kitchen located in Kaingin, Quezon City.  This also serves as her social responsibility project as workers are from indigent communities, providing much needed employment to those who have less in life. 

The products produced at Annie’s Kitchen are made from sustainable methods. Thus, no artificial ingredients or chemicals and preservatives are incorporated in the products. Some of the products include Mixed Root Crop Chips, Banana Chewies (organic saba), Roasted Tomato and Mango Salsa, and their now popular, Wild Honey.  There is also Organic Achara, and Vegan Bagoong (fermented santol). These products are perfect for giveaways as these are not only healthy for the body, but part of the proceeds from sales goes back to the community. 

Annie’s Kitchen also offers meal sets and packed food that can be delivered for parties and events.  Choose from three sets that come with a starter, two main dishes, a vegetable dish, rice, beverage and dessert. These are very affordable (the lowest is at P300 per pax) and guaranteed to taste well as the recipes come from Ma’m Annie herself. 

What makes Annie’s Kitchen more commendable is the fact that its earth kitchen is a venue for seminars and workshops.  The venue accepts booking and reservation from companies, schools, groups, or individuals for Ecological Solid Waste Management program, Eco-Brick Workshop, Sowing Seeds Demo, Zero Waste Crafts Workshop, Bokashi Seminar, among others. The whole day seminars and workshops have a fee which is inclusive of lunch and light snacks. 

For more information, call (02) 858-37905, +63917-8940455, +63950-4302546.

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