PH’s top culinary school CCA Manila unveils groundbreaking Halal Culinary Arts program

May 12, 2019

The country’s top and pioneering culinary school, the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA Manila), proves once again that it is the leader in advancing the standards of the Philippine culinary landscape as it unveils a first-of-its-kind ‘Halal Culinary Arts’ program. 

Halal food is already available in our country for a long time now but a lot of Filipinos are still not knowledgeable about Halal cooking and its various components.  Filipino Muslims and even tourists from Muslim countries are still having a difficult time looking for restaurants and eateries serving authentic Halal food especially in Metro Manila. 

“Halal is not associated with religion alone. It’s also a lifestyle and a food safety standard. I believe that through our Halal Culinary Arts program, we can ensure skills for the preparation, cooking and serving of foods that are delicious, clean, safe, nutritious, sustainable and ethical,” says Dr. Veritas Luna, Chancellor for Education of CCA Manila. 

With this, CCA Manila has already welcomed the first batch of students for the program. These students underwent a rigorous 16-day comprehensive hands-on program totaling 102 hours – the most number of hands-on hours compared to other culinary schools. 

“The students of this program are able to develop their cooking skills, train their palate, work in teams, and learn discipline while applying the principles of Halal cooking,” adds Dr. Luna, noting that it is CCA Manila’s dream to produce professional Halal-certified chefs.

“We have more than 10 million Muslim Filipinos and we know for a fact that many of them would like to join the hospitality industry. CCA Manila is providing them a strong and professional career path for culinary arts,” Dr. Luna notes.  “This program will reach out not only to Filipino Muslims who wish to build their culinary enterprise based on Halal principles but also to those who wish to cater to foreigners or work abroad in Islamic countries. A CCA Manila diploma will surely give them an edge over the others.”

CCA Manila also aims to help the country’s economic growth through culinary tourism, manufacturing, food businesses, and culinary agripreneurship; and the Halal Culinary Arts program is just one of the innovative programs that will be introduced by the school this year. 

CCA Manila is now accepting applicants for the second batch of students for the Halal Culinary Arts program. As slots are limited, it is truly a wise decision to learn from the best in the culinary industry. Course fee includes ingredients for all recipes, lecture manuals, and uniform. 

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