Malabon Mayor Lenlen Oreta accepts the Certificate of Eligibility of City of Malabon University during the awarding ceremony from CHED.

City of Malabon University receives Certificate of Eligibility from CHED

August 6, 2021

Throughout history, education has proven its role in changing lives and empowering the youth. In our country, however, quality education is sometimes out of reach for economically challenged students. But this is not the case for Malabonian students in college, as they are not only benefiting from quality education -- they are now guaranteed of free quality education courtesy of the City of Malabon University (CMU).

Last July 16, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) issued to CMU a “Certificate of Eligibility,” allowing it to benefit from Republic Act 10931, known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act.  This law allows state universities, colleges, and state-run tech-voc schools to provide students with quality education without the need to pay any tuition fee and enjoy exemption from paying other school fees.

With this, the ultimate beneficiaries would be the Malabonian students who now have the opportunity of a free quality education in all of CMU’s degree programs with the help of the Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education Act (UniFAST).  Also known as Republic Act No. 10687, UniFAST reconciles, improves, and brings all government-funded modalities of Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAPs) for tertiary education under one body in both public and private institutions.

“Since the past year, CMU, with the help of UniFAST, has been very enthusiastic in complying with all the requirements needed for the acquisition of the Certification of Eligibility, in order for all CMU students to gain access to free education. This is indeed a welcome news that would have long-term benefits not only for the individual students and their families, but also to the Malabonian community,” says Malabon Mayor Lenlen Oreta.  

Since 1994, the City of Malabon University, home of the “City of Scholars,” provided Malabonian students, particularly those from the economically-challenged households, with a low-cost method of obtaining higher education customized to the needs of a developing global environment. One of CMU’s goals is to transform its holistic learners into competent workforce members.

“Having access to a free education would be a huge support to the City of Malabon in assisting more deserving students. These students only deserve the best quality education, which would equip them with the necessary skills to find better prospects and give their families a better life in the future. We extend our appreciation to CHED for it has given every Kabataang Malabonian a chance to learn and be fully prepared to excel in the competitive world ahead,” adds the Mayor.  

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Malabon Mayor Lenlen Oreta, who is also CMU President, together with wife Melissa who is CMU's VP for Academic Affairs, accepted the Certificate of Eligibility from CHED.