CCA Manila chef instructor Trisha Ocampo with her students

CCA Manila: Country’s top culinary school blends the best of hands-on training with online learning

July 2, 2022

More than ever, the culinary and hospitality industries are making a grand comeback. Hotels and resorts are open, full of guests and travellers. Restaurants are full of events and jampacked with diners excited with new food offerings. The cruise industry is also making a great splash, starting voyage on the high seas filled with tourists from all over the world.

What does this mean? Food is in huge demand so are the chefs, pastry chefs, to cooks and dining staff. The huge demand also brings with it the rise in the financial offers and packages, especially to Filipinos who have shown exceptional skills in the kitchen. It should also help a lot that you have a degree with the Philippines’ top culinary school – CCA Manila.

At CCA Manila, a student is exposed to the culinary world’s best practices – blending hands-on training with online learning.

“There is a boom in tourism demand and hospitality services. Thus, food is part of it. Filipinos should take this opportunity to study at CCA, Manila to be equipped with the necessary skills to be competitive. Food enterprises are among the fastest-growing industries in the world,” said Chef Philip John Golding, Culinary Director of CCA Manila. “Aside from the hospitality industry, there is a continuous big demand for central kitchens, cloud-based kitchens, and a huge movement all over the world to discover new concepts with growing regional cuisines coming from Asia, and in Southeast Asia in particular,” he added.

There is no doubt that Filipinos love to eat and along with that is the global demand for culinary graduates, especially in travel and tourism. With the quickly evolving global trends, the culinary arts professional needs constant innovative education to remain competitive in the industry.

Throughout the changing times, CCA Manila has adapted and continued to thrive with its relevant programs like Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management, Major in Culinary Arts and Culinary Agripreneurship.

To adapt to the times, there is a 6-month PRO Chef hybrid program in Antipolo Campus, and the fully online and self-paced Baking Club and Cooking Club. There’s also the flagship program, DCATM (Diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management), which is certified by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) that has produced successful corporate chefs and food entrepreneurs.

“CCA Manila also opened new satellite campuses in Antipolo and Quezon City to offer programs that are focused on diversity, blending hands-on training with online learning,” says Chef Philip.

The school has created two new timely and innovative programs: Fundamental in Culinary Arts Course (FCAC), a 12-day class that offers comprehensive hands-on training in developing the student’s cooking skills and new food concepts by tapping Plant-based and Asian cuisines. There's also the 12-day Fundamentals in Baking and Pastry Arts Course (FBPAC), which will equip students with proper baking techniques to keep them competitive with the new pastry concepts.

CCA Manila also partnered with international organizations to elevate Filipino cuisine on a global scale, enabling its students and graduates to showcase their craft through virtual culinary competitions and webinars.

“There are far greater opportunities today than ever as the consumer's palette grows. It’s great to see more diverse opportunities across the hospitality industry opening up, as well as more diverse concepts, especially Filipino cuisine making its mark,” says Chef Philp.

So whether you're a home cook who aspires to create your restaurant or work in one, or simply want to broaden your culinary horizons while learning to cook, CCA Manila can help you to fulfill your dreams. With its contemporary and innovative programs, CCA Manila, the Philippines' pioneer culinary school, gives you a competitive edge in the industry.

For inquiries, visit their website at Email Contact 0917.840.8400. CCA Manila is located at Quezon City, Antipolo and soon to open in BCG in Taguig.

Chef Philip John Golding, the Culinary Director of CCA Manila